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Our service offerings are geared towards helping companies solve social and economic challenges through sustainable business impact initiatives, aimed at enabling young people to become economically empowered. Our comprehensive solution is devised around comprises 8 strategic offerings.

Work-readiness/Employability Training

With 67% youth unemployment, our Work Readiness Training is one of the most significant tools empowering young people with the critical skills needed to prepare them for the working world. Work Readiness Training serves as the foundational programme in our career development journey with young people.

Learnerships and Internships

ATS offers an end-to-end learnership training and project management service, which is designed to leverage the skills development scorecard under the B-BBEE codes. We assist companies with the set up and implementation of learnerships ad internships along with structured support for enrolled learners.

Work Experience and General Placement Services

We are able to provide flexible 6 – 12 months placement solutions through the government’s YES programme. ATS is YES-approved and compliant, and is able to offer end-to-end project management support for YES on-site or off-site placements.


The training content includes overview of the retail industry, the various role-players and how they affect the buying cycle and retail operations, sales and customer service, business skills and business communication, merchant maths, stock room, visual merchandising, Theft & fraud and business etiquette.


We offer training services targeted at the hospitality industry, in particular trainings that supply the industries’ Delivery Drivers, Cashiers and Baristas.

Vocational Skills

In partnership with key role players in the industry, we offer bespoke training aimed at empowering young people to earn income as artisans either in the formal or informal economies.


Once learners have completed our work-readiness programmes, they are ready to join the workforce. Over and above the fundamental employability courses we offer.

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